Accidents happen no matter what materials you use or how much maintenance you carry out, and you have to find a way to solve the problem. You should get your garage door panel fixed as soon as possible if it is broken. The easiest way to tell if a door is damaged is by how bad it is. If only a few of the garage door panels have been damaged, it will be cheaper to replace them. When choosing between the two options, there are other considerations to consider.

When a garage door panel breaks, you can either repair it or replace it. There are a number of factors that you have to consider when making a decision on which option to pursue. Some of the things that homeowners need to consider when faced with the choice to replace or repair their garage door panel are explored by the garage repair experts at our company.

Is the Door Old?

The door’s age is one of the first things to consider. If your garage door is more than twenty years old, it has probably given you its best years by now and the best option, in the repair or replace decision, is to replace the entire overhead garage door. At this stage of a garage door’s life, you will find yourself calling our repair experts at Master Overhead Door Co. As the various parts in your door wear out, it becomes more and more frequently. If your door is less than ten years old, you should consider repairing the panel. It may be difficult to locate a single panel to match your door. The other option is to paint the door. Speak to our team at Master Overhead Door Co for advice.

Extent of the Damage

How much damage has been done to the door will be a factor in deciding whether to repair or replace the panel. A small amount of damage from a light impact or minor debris can be repaired with a small amount of paint and a small amount of filler. If you backed your car into the garage or there was a big storm that caused a lot of damage, the damage will probably go beyond a small dent. You will need to investigate more for the underlying problems in this case. The opening and closing mechanisms of the door may have become compromised because of the impact. If you think there might be more serious issues at play, please consult our team.

How Much Will a Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost You?

Depending on the model, a single garage door panel can range from $200-$700. The cost of replacing a damaged panel is going to be a significant consideration. With the help of our team, your repaired panel can often look as good as new, and it’s almost always the more affordable option. If your garage door is past its prime and the panels are damaged, it might be more cost effective to replace the whole door.

Getting your garage door panels replaced might save you money in the long run because you won’t be paying maintenance costs as frequently. With a new garage door, you will have to call our repair technicians less often, your home will be kept more secure, and you can enjoy some of the mod-cons that newer garage doors now come with, such as energy efficiency options, smart technology, and sensors.

Should you replace or repair your garage door?

Garage door experts all around the industry advise against repairing your garage door by yourself. Garage door panels are under a lot of tension from the garage door spring and can seriously injure someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. If you think you’re still up for the challenge then we suggest using this guide but remember to use extreme caution. If replacing your garage door by yourself is out of your scope and you live around Omaha Nebraska then we advise you to call Master Overhead Door to help you through the process.

garage door experts advise against repairing your garage door on your own. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can be seriously injured by the garage door panels that are under a lot of tension. We suggest using this guide if you think you are still up for the challenge, but remember to use extreme caution. If you don’t have the time or inclination to replace your garage door on your own, then we recommend that you call Master Overhead Door.