Garage door openers are an essential part of home security. They allow homeowners to easily access their garage without having to get out of their car. However, there are several different types of garage door opener systems available today.

Types of Garage Door Opener Systems

There are two main types of garage door opener systems: remote control and keyless entry. Both types of garage door openers are used in homes across the country.

Remote control garage door openers require a transmitter to operate the garage door. The transmitter sends signals to the receiver located inside the garage. The receiver then opens the garage door.

Keyless entry garage door openers use a code to unlock the garage door. A user enters a four-digit code into the receiver. Once the code has been entered, the receiver unlocks the garage door.

Remote-Controlled Garage Doors

The most common type of garage door opener system is the remote-controlled one. These units can be operated from anywhere within range of the transmitter. This makes them ideal for people who work outside the house or have pets that may wander away from the yard. Remote controls also make it easy to lock your garage when you leave the house. If someone tries to enter your garage while you’re not at home, they will need to find the transmitter before being able to gain entrance.

Another advantage of using a remote control garage door opener is its ability to automatically close the garage after leaving the house. When this feature is enabled on a unit, the garage door closes as soon as the homeowner leaves the property. It does so by sending a signal through the airwaves to the receiver.

A disadvantage of remote control garage door openers is that if the battery dies, the garage door cannot be opened until the transmitter is replaced. In addition, these devices do not provide any sort of alarm notification. Therefore, if something happens during the night, such as a break-in attempt, no one will know about it unless they hear noises coming from the garage.

Keyless Entry Garage Doors

A second option for opening garages is with a keyless entry garage door opener. Keyless entry garage doors offer many advantages over traditional remote control models. One major benefit is that users don’t need to carry around transmitters. Instead, all they need is a small device called a “key fob” which contains a unique set of numbers.

When a person wants to open the garage, he simply presses a button on his key fob. The key fob transmits a radio frequency signal to the receiver. The receiver recognizes the RF signal and allows the garage door to open.

This method eliminates the possibility of losing track of the transmitter. Because the key fobs contain only a few digits instead of hundreds like those found on remote controllers, thieves won’t be able to guess the correct number. Also, because the key fobs aren’t connected to anything else, they can be left lying around the house without causing damage.

One drawback of keyless entry garage door openings is that they often cost more than standard remote control ones. Another issue is that some older vehicles might not recognize the new technology. For example, if a vehicle doesn’t support wireless communications, it could cause problems when trying to communicate with the receiver.


Both types of garage door opener options come with pros and cons. While both methods eliminate the hassle of carrying around transmitters, keyless entry garage door openings tend to be pricier than remote-controlled ones. On top of that, owners must remember to keep their keys handy whenever they want to open up their garage.

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