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Are you looking for the best garage door design for your home? A carriage-style garage door is an option. Although most of the houses in Indio have either roll up or automatic garage doors, carriage-style garage doors are another best option. This type of garage door is like the regular doors inside our houses that swing. It derived its name from its original purpose in earlier times when homes have this type of door where carriages are drawn by their horses. 

Sophisticated, isn’t it? Carriage-style garage doors take you back to the times of the princesses and princes. In today’s time, having a carriage-style garage door to your home adds a very classical touch that brings us back to the past. These doors are usually made of either wood or steel. With the sophistication and the touch of history that a carriage-style garage door adds to your home, it sure will add value to the property. These and more carriage-style garage door recommendations in Indio CA when you call us today. We will be happy to serve you.

For any carriage-style garage door services that you need, our garage door company can provide you with the best solutions. We are the trusted name in Indio and we only give you the quality service that you deserve for trusting us with your carriage-style garage door services. Call us now.

White Carriage-Style Garage Door in a Country Home

Indio’s beautiful carriage-style garage doors specialist

For carriage house garage doors in Indio, we are the most recommended name. Aside from the beautiful vintage look, it adds to your home, carriage-style garage doors are also space-saving. This makes it cost-effective if you want to maximize the storage capacity of your garage ceiling. There is more space to store more things compared to roll up or automatic doors. That is a ceiling space organization made easy through your beautiful carriage-style garage door at home. Speaking of beauty, we offer an assortment of designs with value for quality and durability. We said it many times, and we’re saying it again. Let the experts handle your house carriage garage door needs. Call our numbers today and get the unique and classic carriage-style garage door that you imagined.

Customized carriage-style garage doors in Indio

House carriage garage doors are beautiful as they are. If you are looking for the best company that offers customization of your carriage-style garage door, look no further because we also customize. Let us help you achieve the sense of style and beauty that you want for your garage door at home. With us, you can customize your carriage-style carriage door by deciding how big you want it to be, what color you want it to be painted, what design you want it to look like, or whether you want it single or double door. Your wish is our command. You visualize, and we deliver it in the way you imagined it to be.

The carriage-style garage door professionals in Indio

What we do as experts in garage door services is founded on the best-quality customer service that we offer. When you call us up to arrange a local service, that is the first step to experiencing the best customer service in Indio. And when you are convinced to hire us for the job, we send out our highly-skilled technicians to your home to do some pre-construction works like concise measuring to get the exact size, and making structural analysis to ensure that your home is fit to be installed with a carriage-style garage door. We take care of our customers even before closing the deal.

There is no better way to define the best customer experience than through the standards set by the most trusted company name for carriage-style garage door services.

We also offer carriage-style garage door repairs and maintenance

Not only are we the name for the carriage-style installation service, but we also provide repairs and maintenance. If you suspect any problem with your garage door, hire the service of the experts in Indio. We will fix it promptly and concisely for you so you are spared the headache this may cause. Whether your carriage-style garage door is made of wood or steel, we provide any maintenance service that you need. For wooden doors, it will require strict routine maintenance. Steel carriage doors are more cost-efficient in terms of maintenance. But regardless of what materials your door is made of, we maintain with utmost quality. Get a flush garage door in indio today!