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The maintenance, installation and repair Indio residents can count on! We are a family-owned and operated shop proudly serving the Coachella Valley for over 25 years.
We have a crew of licensed technicians always available for timely and cost-effective repairs. We also service the following nearby areas.

The components of your car stall door needs to to be taken care of. You might not be aware, but it’s a workhorse that does it’s job – it goes up and down to close, then click down and up without fail day in and day out. Car door repair Indio in most cases, it does its job thousands of times per year without hearing a single click of complaint. Because of this, and the fact that these doors are extremely heavy, wear and tear is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time before your beloved car stall door needs maintenance service. At first, you can go the DIY route but if you want to save on maintenance costs in the long term, as well as save yourself from the hassle of doing all the grunt work, you can get the services of the California Indio company you can trust – Master Door.

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There are a multitude of videos on the internet tackling car stall door repair, maintenance and installation. These videos can give people the idea that they can do it on their own easily. This can be a costly mistake. For starters, these videos are created by professionals who have years of experience on these types of projects. It’s normal that they can do it so well. The average person who’s only trying it for the first time will not be so lucky. They will not save any time or money. Instead, they could make mistakes and use the wrong materials, which will require costly repairs and do-overs. The end result is that they’ll end up spending more compared to just hiring professionals to do the work in the first place.

Our installers are professionals that have years of training and experience. They know how to do the job correctly and safely. They also know how to work within the client’s budget. Don’t take our word for it. Our reviews speak for themselves. Our satisfied clients know all about the care and quality present in our work, and how the parts themselves are heavy, large, and awkward to install by a single untrained person. It is also worth remembering that working on the replacement, installation, or maintenance involves working with electricity. Only professionals with electrical wiring experience can ensure safety for both the user and the owner.

Custom Size Garage Doors

The right parts and tools – people who are dabbling in DIY projects can attest to the fact that a project can sometimes necessitate frequent trips to the local hardware store, just to purchase different tools and parts needed. It is a big mistake to think that kits will contain everything you will ever need, as sometimes there are issues that require tools or extra parts not anticipated by the manufacturer. Professional installers have years of experience servicing different clients, so they have a good idea of what to expect, and will be ready with all the tools and parts needed. We use the best parts from the best brands, such as openers from Craftsman.

Safety – the repair, installation, and maintenance  will involve heavy materials and usually have electrical wiring involved. You are putting yourself at risk of actual bodily harm if you try to service these projects on your own. Professionals in the California area are trained and perfectly qualified for this, and in Master Overhead Door’s case, our installers have extensive experience and can work safely, without risking themselves or the client. Our employees are also insured, so clients will not need to worry about being held liable for any incidents resulting from the work.

Warranty – most components have a warranty. But what most DIYers miss is the fact that the fine print for many of these warranties indicate that the warranties are void if installed by a non-professional. If you want the warranty to mean something, you need to hire a professional to install the components. It’s also worth considering that Master Overhead Door stands by the quality of our work, which means we also guarantee any of the work we have done. You can be sure that you’re getting a product made from components that are built to last, and installed using methods that are sound and considered best practices.

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We can deal with any issue. We handle Replacement, Repair, Broken Spring Replacement,  Off Track Repair, Automatic Opener Installation & Repair, Tune Up, Water Seal & Moulding Replacement, Electric Driveway Gate Service, and other related services needed in the Indio CA area.

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Doors can be very dangerous to repair because of their sheer weight. They can weigh around 450 lbs, and like most hardware, will eventually deteriorate. It is an accident waiting to happen without regular maintenance. This is why Master Overhead Door’s service is a must for so many homes. Homeowners who have aging unmaintained car stall doors are putting themselves and their family at risk.

It’s easy to spot the difference between a car stall door that is safe and one that is not. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, it might actually worsen the dangers. There’s also the fact that the longer you put it off, the most costly the repairs will be. Get Master Overhead Door’s services in order to keep your car stall door in perfect working condition, while also saving money on repair costs and maintenance. We guarantee to do the job safely, properly, and within a reasonable budget.

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"I have been running a general contractor business in Palm Desert for several years, and every time a client needs work on their car stall door, I turn to Juan. He is also the one I turn to when it comes to repairs. Their pricing is always fair and their service always reliable. They do everything from replacing motors to servicing parts and installing new doors. I once had a problem with old beat up doors with no insulation and managed to get it up and running like it was new. They deserve all the positive reviews they get in the area."

- Greg S.

Add my name to the list of satisfied clients of Master Overhead Door. I hired them to work on my openers and set up the HomeLink buttons in my cars 5 years ago. They did a good job with it and since then, they are the ones I call if I ever have problems on my openers. I've been a client of them when I was in Palm Desert, now that I've moved to Rancho Mirage, they are still the company I call if I need help."

- Kevin O.

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