2 Garage Doors to 1 Conversion Service in Indio

We mentioned many times that we claim to be the best company in garage door services. We take pride in all 2 garage doors to 1 conversion Indio, California projects. We handle every step professionally – from the inspection of the garage and structure to the sound recommendations that our technicians make, to the measurement and the installation of the new double door, up to the after-sales service. We take care of your 2 garage doors to 1 conversion needs from the day you give us a call and after completing the installation. In all our works, we value excellent customer service as much as we guarantee the durability of structure and safety of the end-users. Conversion of two garage doors into a single door is tedious and demanding, but it is our business mission to make our customers worry-free as we render our work and deliver a high-quality result.

Indio two garage doors to one conversion jobs

We are the trusted name in 2 garage doors to 1 conversion in Indio and we make sure that the entire project is completed with the best output. One of the core values of our company is understanding our customers’ needs. We put our hearts to that. Usually, clients would want to convert 2 garage doors into 1 to save space. It not only gives extra space, but it also upgrades the look of your homes. Moreover, you also get rid of using two remotes and two openers to get in and out. That is how convenience looks like, plus the more practical side of maintaining one garage door.

But you cannot completely take advantage of all the above-mentioned benefits of converting a two-door garage into one if you will not hire the best garage door company to render the service for you. Again, we are the best in Indio for all your garage door service needs. Our increasing number of past and on-going Indio projects can speak for itself.

The steps of converting 2 single garage doors into 1 double door by the experts

  • Upon arranging a local service with us, a skilled technician will inspect your site to measure and check the structure to make sure that the building can qualify for the conversion. This is also for the safety of the end-users who live in and use the structure.
  • After inspecting, our experts will recommend the available options based on the evaluation made. We provide the best options for designs, sizes, and other essential parts of the conversion. We let our customers make a guided choice for the right parts and materials.
  • Once the design and size are finalized, our proficient technicians will start to remove the center pillars of the 2 doors garage and install one larger door to cover the total space of the two doors.
Garage Door Construction

Garage doors are purposely made to secure the people and the properties inside your garage and homes. The best move you can make is to hire the perfect company in Indio to do the door conversion that you desire. You spend money on it. And you work hard to earn the money that you pay for the service. It is always best to get what you pay for by choosing the right professionals for the job. Call us now to make that first best move today. We also repair, install and replace custom size garage doors.