Garage doors are an essential part of every home. They provide security, protection, and convenience. However, garage doors also require maintenance and repair. If you want to keep your garage door working properly, then you should know its different types and features.

Types of Garage Doors

There are two main types of garage doors: roll-up and sectional. Roll-up garage doors are the most common type. They consist of a series of panels that open and close using a motorized system. The sections of the door are connected together by hinges. Sectional garage doors are similar to roll-up garage doors, except that they are divided into several sections. Each section has its own hinge and panel. These doors are usually used in large homes.

The other feature is whether or not it’s automatic or manual. Automatic garage doors use sensors to detect when someone enters or leaves the house. This allows them to automatically open or close. Manual garage doors don’t have any automated systems. You must manually operate each individual panel.

You can find many options for both kinds of garage doors. For example, there are remote-controlled models available as well as those with keypads. There are even some models that allow you to control multiple garage doors from one location.

Garage Door Materials

You may be wondering what kind of materials make up these doors. Garage doors come in wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, composite, and plastic. Wood is considered the best material because it provides strength while being durable. Steel is another option if you need something more heavy-duty. Fiberglass is great for commercial applications where durability is important. Aluminum is lightweight but strong. Vinyl is flexible and easy to install. Composite is made out of recycled plastics. Plastic is very affordable and comes in various colors. It doesn’t last long though so it isn’t recommended unless you only plan on installing it temporarily.

Garage Door Materials Compared


If you choose to go with a wooden garage door, then you will probably need to paint it at least once per year. Other than this, regular cleaning and lubrication will help prolong its life span. A good way to clean it is to wipe down all surfaces with soap and water. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris. Lubricate the tracks regularly with oil. Make sure to apply enough pressure to ensure that the track slides smoothly.

Wooden garage doors are very expensive. It takes years for wood to grow back if damaged by pests or fire. Wooden garage doors are heavy so installing them requires some skill. On top of that, they take more space in comparison to others.


If you decide to get a metal garage door, then you might consider painting it before installation. Cleaning and lubricating the parts will extend their lifespan. To do this, simply spray the surface with a light coat of grease. Let it dry completely before applying additional coats.


Fiberglass garage doors are much easier to maintain compared to wooden ones. All you really need to do is wash them off occasionally. Don’t let rainwater drip onto the glass since it could cause damage. Also, avoid getting too much sun exposure. Exposure to sunlight causes fading which makes the color look duller over time.


Aluminum garage doors are lighter weight than steel ones. They aren’t quite as sturdy either. That said, they still hold up pretty well considering how inexpensive they are. The main problem with aluminum is rust. Rust forms easily due to moisture. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave anything wet inside the garage. Moisture can seep through cracks and crevices. Once it gets moist, corrosion occurs quickly. When this happens, the entire garage door needs replacing.


Vinyl garage doors are popular among homeowners who like modern designs. They offer excellent insulation properties. This means that heat won’t escape or enter the house when the door is closed. You don’t have to worry about any leaks either. These doors are extremely resistant to weather conditions such as wind, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. In addition, they are relatively cheap.


Composite garage doors are similar to vinyl ones except that they use recycled plastics instead of virgin materials. Because of this, they cost less money. Another benefit is that they are environmentally friendly. As mentioned earlier, most people prefer using recyclable products whenever possible.


Plastic garage doors are usually cheaper than other options. They are not nearly as durable, however. For example, they tend to crack after just one season. Additionally, they fade fast. Some manufacturers even recommend against putting lights behind them. Lights attract bugs and insects which eventually leads to mold growth. Moldy areas can lead to health problems including allergies and asthma attacks.


Steel garage doors are considered the best option because they last longer than other kinds. Steel doesn’t rot nor does it corrode. It has been around for decades now. Most importantly, it provides great strength and durability. Unfortunately, these doors are heavier than others. So, they may be difficult to install on certain models.

Garage Door Costs Compared

The type of material used determines the price range of each kind of garage door. Vinyl costs the least while composite is the most costly. Metal prices vary depending on whether it is made from galvanized or stainless steel. Galvanized steel is generally cheaper but isn’t as strong. Stainless steel is stronger but pricier. Wood comes at a higher rate than all other materials.

Why Choose High-Quality Garage Door

There are many benefits associated with having a good quality garage door installed. First off, it will protect your property from theft and vandalism. Second, it helps prevent damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Thirdly, it keeps out unwanted animals and rodents. Finally, it improves air circulation within the garage. All of these things make life easier, especially during the winter months.

Other Features to Consider for Your Garage Door Project

When shopping for a new garage door, remember that size matters. You don’t have to go big. In fact, going small might actually save you money over the course of several years. A smaller model won’t necessarily mean lower-quality construction either. Many companies offer custom sizes. This means that you get exactly what you want without paying extra for unnecessary extras.

When looking for a new garage door opener, look into wireless technology first. These devices allow you to control your garage door remotely. Wireless systems eliminate the hassle of wiring up your house. Plus, you can use one remote to open multiple garage doors. Some even come equipped with cameras which allows you to see who’s inside your garage when you’re not present.

A garage door opener must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Garage doors are exposed to harsh elements like rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, heat, cold, humidity, dust, dirt, etc. Therefore, you need to ensure that your garage door opener is protected against these elements. For example, if you live in a region where heavy winds occur frequently, choose a garage door opener that is designed to handle high winds. Similarly, if you live near water bodies, select a garage door opener that can resist corrosion due to saltwater spray.

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