Garage door openers are usually reliable and can last for a decade and a half. But sometimes they can be installed incorrectly, leading to reduced durability and a garage door that will no longer open reliably after a few years. Before anything dangerous happens, you need to get a defective garage door opener repaired or replaced. And no company does that better than Master Overhead Door Co.

However, the big question is how does one recognize if their garage door opener is already defective? How do we know if it’s time to replace our garage door opener? The answer lies in understanding what causes garage door openers to fail.

What Causes Garage Door Openers To Fail?

The most common reason your garage door opener fails is because of improper installation. If you install your garage door opener improperly, then you may have problems with its operation. This could lead to the following:

• A stuck garage door opener button.

• A broken spring.

• An unbalanced weight.

• Poor alignment.

• Inadequate lubrication.

• Misaligned pulleys.

• Loose cables.

• Faulty wiring.

If any of these issues occur, then your garage door opener will not work properly. It might even stop working altogether.

How Can We Tell If Our Garage Door Opener Is Defective?

Here are some signs that your garage door opener needs repair or replacement:

• Your garage door opener is making loud noises when opening and closing the door.

• The garage door opener has stopped functioning completely.

• The garage doors won’t close at all.

• The garage opener doesn’t respond to remote controls.

• The garage door opener stops responding to commands from the remote control.

• The garage opens and closes slowly.

• The garage is hard to move.

• The garage isn’t moving smoothly.

• The garage takes too long to open or close.

• The garage doesn’t open or close at all.

These are just some examples of things that indicate your garage door opener needs repairs or replacement. However, there are other factors that can cause garage door openers to malfunction. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s imperative that you contact us now. If you are based in Indio, we can send our team to give your garage door an inspection.

Our technicians will inspect the garage door opener to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. They will also check the garage door opener’s motor, springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, etc., to see if they are damaged. Once the technician determines that your garage door opener requires repair or replacement, he will provide you with a free estimate.