Garage door torsion springs are very important parts of garage doors. They are responsible for opening and closing the garage door smoothly. If they break down, then you might face some problems. In this article, we will discuss the causes of garage door torsion spring failure and the ways to repair them.

Garage door torsional springs are basically coil springs that are attached to the top of the garage door frame. These springs are designed to lift the garage door smoothly. When these springs fail, they cause the garage door to stop working properly.

Garage door torsion spring replacement is a common problem faced by homeowners. The garage door torsion springs should be replaced at least once every five years. This is because these springs wear out over time.

Torsion springs are the main component of a garage door. They provide the force needed to open or close the door. Over time, these springs weaken, causing them to sag and become less effective. When this happens, you’ll notice that the door won’t stay closed or open properly.

Common Tell-Tale Signs Your Garage Door Torsion Spring Needs Repair

If your garage door torsion has worn out, it may not work as well as before. It could also get stuck in the open position. You can tell if your garage door torsions need repair when:

1. The door doesn’t open or close properly.

2. The door opens slowly.

3. There is excessive noise coming from the garage door opener.

4. The door sticks while opening or closing.

5. The door stops moving after a few seconds.

6. The door fails to move at all.

7. The door starts to creak.

8. The door becomes stiffer with age.

Repair or Replace – How To Tell?

The first thing that you have to do is check whether the garage door torsion is broken. Check if there is any damage to the garage door torsions. If so, replace them immediately. Otherwise, you can try repairing the garage door torsion manually. We always recommend seeking professional assistance when it comes to your garage doors.

How Important is the Torsion Spring to Your Garage Door?

A garage door torsion plays an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of your garage door. As such, it’s important to keep it in good condition. A damaged torsion spring will lead to the malfunctioning of the garage door. So, it’s crucial to fix your garage door torsional spring as soon as possible.

Cost of Torsion Repairs

It is estimated that a garage door torsion costs about $150-$200. However, the cost of replacing the torsion spring depends on how old it is. For example, a new torsion spring would cost around $100. But, if the torsion spring is more than 10 years old, then you’d pay much higher prices.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to help you maintain your garage door torsion spring:

1. Always use quality garage door torsion.

2. Keep the garage door torsional springs clean.

3. Don’t overload the garage door torsionic springs.

4. Avoid using harsh chemicals near the garage door torsion springs.

5. Make sure that the garage door torsion springs don’t freeze.

6. Never let the garage door torsion springs touch the ground.

7. Use lubricants for the garage door torsional springs.

8. Store the garage door torsion springs away from heat sources.

9. Try to avoid leaving the garage door torsional exposed to direct sunlight.

10. Avoid storing heavy objects on top of the garage door torsion springs.

You should never ignore the signs of a garage door torsional problem. Instead, you should seek professional help right away. This way, you can save yourself from further complications. Also, you can prevent your garage door from becoming dangerous.

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