Garage doors are heavy, and they require regular maintenance to ensure safety and longevity. Replacing a garage door opener isn’t something you want to put off. There are several signs that indicate your garage door opener needs replacement.

1. It fails to properly open or close

The first sign is if the opener doesn’t open or close the door properly. This can be caused by worn-out parts, such as rollers, springs, cables, hinges, etc. If this happens, it will not only cause inconvenience but also pose serious risks for you and your family. You need to get in touch with a professional garage door repair service provider immediately.

2. The door sticks when opening or closing

If the garage door opener gets stuck while opening or closing the door, then there might be some problems with the motor. In this case, you should call an expert garage door repair service provider right away. They will make sure everything is working fine before replacing anything.

3. The door won’t open or shut at all

If the garage door opener stops functioning completely, then it means that there is a problem with the control board. A technician from a reputable garage door repair service provider can easily fix this issue. However, if the problem persists even after fixing it, then it’s time to replace the entire unit.

4. The remote control malfunctions

A malfunctioning remote control can lead to many issues. For example, if the remote control does not work properly, then it may mean that the batteries have run down. In this case, it’s best to contact a reliable garage door repair service provider. They will come over and check things out.

5. The door has been damaged

Damage to the garage door opener can occur due to different reasons. One of them is aging. Another reason could be that someone accidentally hit the garage door opener. If the damage is severe, then it’s better to call a garage door repair service provider for help.

6. The door squeaks

Squeaking noises are quite common in older garage doors. This is because the rubber seal on the bottom of the door wears out over time. In order to stop this noise, you need to lubricate the area where the seal meets the floor.

7. The door makes loud noises

Loud noises are usually caused by loose screws or broken springs. These sounds can be very annoying especially if you live alone. In this case, calling a garage door repair service is highly recommended.

8. The door doesn’t move smoothly

Moving smoothly is one of the most important features of any garage door. If the garage door opener doesn’t perform well, then it can affect the smoothness of the movement. In addition, if the garage door opener has become stiff, then it can lead to other problems, such as jamming.

9. The door doesn’t go up/down smoothly

This is another major problem that you don’t want to face. If the garage door doesn’t go up or down smoothly, then it indicates that the mechanism is wearing out. In addition, if you notice that the door goes up and down slowly, then it’s best to call a garage door specialist.

10. The door doesn’t latch properly

When the garage door doesn’t latch properly, then it means that the spring is weak. It also happens when the door is too heavy. You should call a professional garage door repair service provider immediately.

11. The door jams

Jams happen when the garage door opener becomes jammed between the door and the frame. If the problem persists, then it’s best that you get it fixed immediately.

12. The door won’t close

The garage door must always be closed when leaving the house. If the garage door won’t close properly, then it can cause serious injuries. Therefore, it’s best to call an expert garage door repair service provider right away.

Garage door openers are extremely useful devices, but they do need some maintenance. If you find yourself facing any of these problems, then it’s best you call a garage door repair company. They will come over to diagnose the situation and provide you with solutions.

Your garage door opener may not be working properly. Garage door openers are important parts of your home. They allow you to easily enter and exit your house without having to climb stairs or lift heavy objects. But if your garage door opener isn’t working properly, it could cause problems for you and your family. If your garage door opener doesn’t work properly, you should get it fixed right away. Don’t wait until you’re locked out of your house; call us at Master Overhead Door – Garage Door Repair Indio, the expert in garage doors, to fix it. Call us now to schedule an appointment.